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This means that if you’re someone who is wanting to focus specifically on arbitrage trading right now, crypto trade bot trading bot they are going to be a good option, because you can put your blinders on, and not think about anything else. When the bot detects alerts in the alerts log it will proceed to execute the trades in your Binance account and fill the spreadsheet that it uses to track the status around your different trading orders. There are set requirements for every level, and you need to meet them at 00:00 AM (UTC+8) to qualify for a level.

You’ll be able to enjoy your current level for the next 24 hours. Your level changes every day depending on your 30-day average trading volume and KCS holdings. Same will happen if a Sell signal is executed, it will be changed to a Buy Signal in trading view. The bot will change Buy signals into Sell signals as soon as a BUY order was executed for that pair. This will allow you to use less signals per pair and track more pairs overall. Discord bot sub gives you unlimited access to our discord bots for your server.

It does not give you any individual access to the platform. That subscription is separate for 49/mo and gives you unlimited access to our website and mobile app. Discord bot subscription is only for people who have their own discord servers and want to add our bots to them. (This allow you to have more tradingview alerts set up since you can use the same signal for buy or sell =)) Trade amount in each signal customizable Signals timeouts customizables No need to APIs or remote connections, the bot runs in your machine on a Chrome browser session :) Auto Trailing stop setting to push your stop loss with price movements.

Executes Buy or Sell orders automatically in Binance Searches for Signals to execute in TradingView Automatically every X amount of time Current version can trade any /BTC /USDT Pair. (more to come in the near future) Automatically switches alerts in trading view from Buy to Sell. Take-Profit settings to execute taking profit orders at customizable levels Limit or Market orders customizables. Maker: You will incur a Maker Fee if you activated the Post Only option in a limit order.

Taker: Being a Taker in specific kinds of orders (market, hidden, or iceberg) will incur a taker fee. Maker/Taker: Market Takers and Makers will have different fees. "We recently switched to Tradytics and I honestly could not be more impressed. Besides the plethora of features the query bots add to my server, the AI predictions and Bullseye Alerts have helped our members tremendously! Worth every dollar and will recommend to my colleagues." Once you sign up for the premium plan, you will receive an email detailing instructions on how to add the bots.

A limited version of query bots is also available for free. Once they are added, please try typing in any query such as tr-all SPY to see if it's working correctly. For query bots, you will simply receive a link that you can click and add them.

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